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Burial & Columbarium Services

A Final Resting Place.

A final resting place is important in the world of grief and loss. It offers a central place for families to gather and remember their departed, in a location that is regarded as sacred and deserves revererence for all.

Either traditional ground burial for your pet or placement in a columbarium (often referred to as an urn 'niche') will offer a resting place for years to come - leaving behind the worry of what to do with your pets urn through generations.

Columbarium Pricing

Placement of your pet in a niche can be done either in a semiprivate or private placement.

Semi-private Placement: $300 per 1/4

Private Placement: $1,200

Ground Burial Pricing

Placement of your pet in a traditional grave space depends greatly on the size of the pet to be buried (actual remains or cremated remains), the size of the container or urn, and the actual costs of a plot at the cemetery.

Grave Space: $395

Opening/Closing: $ 100

Granite or Bronze Marker: $ 395-995


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